Are you a Surety Insurer in the Bail Bond industry in need of a Managing General Agency?

Lion’s management has the staff, resources, and experience to provide a multitude of services for Sureties in this tough niche market. Lion is a true Surety Service company, which not only provides services to Bail Bond Agents, but a professional and experienced array of services which will benefit you as a Surety Insurer.

We will be able assist YOU in the following:

1. Management of agents in certain geographic locations which is best left to a MGA vs. direct appointment

2. Underwriting

3. Third Party auditing of a Sureties’ agents

4. Agent development

5. Management of bail bond agents in all Commercial Bail States (including Florida) except California

6. Forfeiture and Liability Run-off Management

7. Large Bond and Transfer Bond network as well as management of Large Bond files

8. Risk Management

9. Reporting