Message from the President

Word from the President
Partnership. Determination. Progress. Success. Transparency.

These are all leadership qualities I look for within myself and you as an agent should look for in a Surety Service. Being in the business for many years and working with other agents learning from their experiences, I’ve learned alot of the times that Surety providers treat the business as a one way street! That street is a one way to them. At Lion Surety Services, INC. we believe in the strength in our agencies working in partnership for a single unified vision.

Nothing is worse than a stagnant General Agent who is not as excited by the growth of your agency as much as you are. We believe that if we are not constantly looking to improve ourselves and seeing progress, we are moving backwards.

We look forward toward a successful and bright future with you, and thank you for being apart of the network!

Joseph Lowe