Bail Agent Benefits

Surety Bail Services Provided

Lion Surety Services, INC. provides all the following:
1. Agency Contracts – Whether you are new to owning an agency or experienced, we are here to understand your specific surety application.
2. Agent Appointments – New to the business, or wanting to write bail without the headaches of owning your own agency? We can assist retail bail job placement in multiple states with one of our many affiliated retail agencies.
3. Skip Tracing – When it comes to looking for a defedant who hasn’t shown up for court, we know the difficulties that can come with the territory. Our dedicated team with 20+ years of experience can assist you in finding your fugitive.
4. 24 Hour Transfer & Large Bail Bond Approvals – We believe that every bail bond should get it’s proper attention. What’s worse than working with a Bail Bond Insurer or General Agent that doesn’t answer the phone for you and you can’t get that large bond approved? Crime never sleeps, neither do we. Just like if we would answer our bail bond phone lines all day and night, we answer our General Agency phone lines day and night. We have an extensive transfer bond network.
5. Prelicensing & Continuing Ed – We have strategic partnerships with Bail Educators in the different states that we underwrite bail. Please inquire with our company if you are looking to get licensed.
6. Same or Next Day Power of Attorney Turn Around – We mail replacement powers the next day. Overnight service is also available.
7. Agent Mentorship and Training – If you are new to the business or have been in for years, the bail bond market constantly changes in it’s regulations, ideas, and marketing. Having someone to be a sounding board can always help. We desire to train you properly or make adjustments to currently operating business. It increases your profits and can cut down on loss.
8. Competitive Commission and Flexibility – Starting out first as a bail bond employee, we’ve worked our way all through the bail bond ladder. We understand how to run an agency competitively and adequately. So therefore, we understand and can sympathize with what you are looking for in your own agency. Unlike other Bail Bond General Agents, we do not provide cookie cutter plans. We understand you are an individual and that everyone’s situation requires a different approach.